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Introducing... the LOLSaints Podcast!

Well, in the wee hours of the morning, a guy decided to sit down and test out the recording abilities of his iPhone 3G, using the built-in voice memo program and his trusty ol' voice (which is, thankfully, working okay).

What resulted is the first-ever brand-spanking-new super-cool and fantabulous LOLSaints Podcast (embedded in today's saintly posting)! The podcast is integrated right into the normal LOLSaints postings, so you can either play 'em just below the saint of the day (if you're one of those types who can't stand to click through the post and read a story!), or you can subscribe to our Podcast (click the link for the feed) via iTunes or whatever software you choose!

LOLSaints Podcast Logo

(Click it... we dare you!)

A note: We won't be podcasting every day, but we shall podcast as often as we are able. We're still militant saints, so that means we have to fight battles outside of the podcasting realm some days ;-)

July Contest... Coming Soon!

Believe us, you won't want to miss the July contest. For the first time in LOLSaints history, it will not be a 'Capshun' contest; rather, it will require just a couple more brain cells' worth of processing power (more on that in a while).

The prizes? You'll be blown away. Even the saints would be edified to receive one of the things you'll get if you win the grand prize for this contest ;-)

There's even more 'awesomeness' (that's the word of the year for a certain guy who frequents these parts of the Internet) coming your way as we approach fall 2009! Keep your eyes open, and your mouses clickin'!

Saints R Pauzed

The Saints are going to take a break and head over to the Catholic New Media Awards today, where they will be voting for—you guessed it—LOLSaints!! There's nothing better than the last five yards in a football game. Today marks the figurative five yard line!


Voting wraps up around 5 p.m. Central time, and the results will probably be posted in a few days! Please check back for the latest :-)

(Note: At the halfway point, we were stuck in 2nd place in the 'Best New Blog' category; let's see if we can't push for the top ranking, thus boosting our "Vanity of Vanities" section on the left!

Open Source Catholic

Open Source Catholic - Screenshot

Introducing Open Source Catholic, a new website for Catholic techies, web developers, communications personnel, and others involved in promoting the Catholic faith via new technologies. Expect great things to come from the site... hopefully! For now, check out the website, see how it was made (series still in progress over on Midwestern Mac), and contribute!

From the website:

"We want to help Catholic techies, web developers, organizations, dioceses and all other Catholics involved in software and web development to find effective solutions for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Go ahead and check out the site, leave a comment or two, and help improve the Catholic community online!

Some Style Tweaks; CNMC 2009

We've Got the Look

The Saints are at it again! As we wrap up this month's Capshun Contest, we are working on some style tweaks for the comments on all the posts on the site. We rearranged how they look, and we also (hopefully) made it easier for everyone to read them. Let us know how you like them!

We'll also be tweaking a few other things over the next couple of months... always with the goal of making the LOLSaints experience better for our users!

Catholic New Media Celebration

Also, our site's founder will be attending this year's Catholic New Media Celebration in San Antonio, TX, next weekend. He'll be bringing some fresh news from the Celebration on his Twitter account (@geerlingguy), as well as his blog, Matthew 12:37.

June Contest Coming Soon!

Our June Capshun Contest is coming soon! Please flex your creative muscles, as we prepare for the best contest—with the best prize—ever seen on this site!

Seeing as this month begins the Year of the Priest, we will have a priestly pic for your capshuning delight. And it will likely be one of the pictures submitted by YOU! You can still get your pictures in for consideration; just use the Submit a Saint form, and we'll take a peek at it!

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