Call 4 Entries - Year of Priests

As our Holy Father has proclaimed the beginning of the 2009 Year for Priests to be held on June 19, we will be running pictures of priests/priestly ministry on LOLSaints leading up to this date—and we need your help! Please find humorous pictures of priests, priestly figures from the Bible, etc., and submit them using the 'Submit a Saint' link over to the left (it's really easy!).

Jesus the Eternal High Priest Icon
(about the icon)

Even if you can't come up with a caption, send in the picture; we'll get a good caption for it!

So what are you waiting for? Find some great priests!

Iz Prideful!

2009 Canonball Award Winner

Thanks to you, dear LOLSaints community, we have won what might just be the most prestigious award. Ever. A huge canonball! We now have almost 150 registered users, and have posted over 125 saints... and there are many, many more to come. Thank you for your help, and...

Let's do it again with the Catholic New Media Awards!

Vote for the Saints!

Catholic New Media Awards Nominee

Please spare a moment if you can, and vote for LOLSaints in the Catholic New Media Awards, especially in the 'best new blog' and 'funniest blog' categories. We're not trying to pull for votes, but, well, yes we are. Go ahead and vote! (To vote, you'll need to register... a quick and simple process).

We were nominated in the following categories:

  1. Best New Blog
  2. Best Written Blog
    (Best written, eh? Hmm... knowing the English language and writing some sloppy posts can get us nominated for this category ;-)
  3. Funniest Blog
  4. Most Entertaining Blog
  5. People's Choice Blog

LOLSaints... More Cowbell!

I can haz more cowbell, please?

LOLSaints More Cowbell Edition

Throughout the past few days, in addition to creating a very large sleep deficit (saints need sleep??), the saints have been working on some small changes to make things many times easier for everyone that wants to add a saint.

The process is still very simple: you create a user account, then you Submit a new Saint. The form to submit the saint is quite easy to use. We're thinking (albeit very little at this point) of opening up the form to allow anyone to submit a saint, even without registering... but this could create some problems. [We are not thinking about this anymore. Bwahaha!!!] What are your thoughts?

[Update: Check out the fresh new 'Up-and-Coming' sidebar, complete with mini-pictures! Spiffy!]

Some Changes... Again

We're going to be opening up the site a little more, so people can more quickly/easily post their saint submissions, as well as information about the saints. This will also make things a heck of a lot easier from an administrative standpoint, as the site will be more open for other moderators to post content to the front page.

If you're interested in becoming an LOLSaints moderator, please let me know (there are already a couple who have volunteered... hint: they contribute a lot to the site already ;-).

May Capshun Contest

Hmm... the May Capshun Contest is fast-approaching. We're still working on getting a really good picture for it. That and a good prize for the winner. We shall see... we shall see!

LOLSaints - Spotted in the Wild

As seen by citrus:

Stop doing that I can see you - Jesus

He says of the image:

My coworkers put this in my office one night. They were trying to print an icon to use at a youth retreat, but the first few they printed with wrong settings, prompting this amusing result.

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